Join Haute Jets: The Luxury Private Aviation Leader Backed by Haute Living

With over 18 years of industry expertise and a prestigious partnership with Haute Living, Haute Jets offers unparalleled opportunities for success in the private aviation charter business.

We provide our brokers with the best technology to secure optimal pricing and the best options for their clients. Utilizing advanced technology platforms like Avinode and Fly Easy, we ensure that our brokers can access a comprehensive array of choices and competitive pricing. Combined with a curated list of 300 top vendors worldwide, we consistently deliver industry-leading service and options.

Maximize your business potential with Haute Jets' multifaceted advantages. Leverage our global reach, tap into our exclusive high-net-worth network, utilize state-of-the-art technology, and implement innovative marketing solutions to elevate your career to new heights.

Unlock Your Potential

At Haute Jets, we empower our jet brokers to reach their full potential. Our cutting-edge lead generation program and supportive environment provide the tools and resources needed to excel in the jet brokerage business. Join us to unlock endless opportunities for growth and achievement.

Exclusive Access to High-Profile Events

With over 60 high-profile events each year, Haute Jets provides unparalleled networking opportunities. These events, attended by affluent individuals and industry leaders, offer brokers the chance to connect with potential clients and partners, expanding their reach and influence in the private aviation market.

Targeted Lead Generation

We invest significantly in targeted lead generation through Facebook and Google, focusing on high-net-worth individuals such as Hedge Fund Managers, CEOs, and Jet Card Owners. This strategic marketing ensures that our brokers have access to a steady stream of qualified leads, enhancing their ability to close deals and grow their business.

Global Brand Recognition

Leveraging Haute Living's prestigious platform, Haute Jets enjoys global brand recognition. Our partnership with Haute Living helps push our brand worldwide, providing brokers with a powerful marketing advantage. This widespread exposure attracts discerning clients seeking premium private aviation services, positioning our brokers for greater success.

Why Work With
Haute Jets?

Full-Service In-House Marketing & Advertising Agency

Our in-house agency creates powerful digital and print marketing campaigns and targeted ads on Facebook and Google to reach high-net-worth leads interested in private air travel.

Lead Generation Program

We implement proven strategies for generating high-quality leads, ensuring consistent business opportunities for our brokers.

Luxury Fleet of Aircraft

Through our partnerships with private jet owners and FBOs, we have access to an extensive fleet of luxury aircraft.

Competitive Commissions

Through our extensive network, our agents get access to exclusive listings (including off-market properties).

Cutting-Edge CRM System

Our CRM system helps our brokers streamline their workflow and maximize client engagement, ensuring they always remember to follow up or re-engage leads.

Email Automation

Our expert-written automated emails seamlessly nurture and re-engage leads with zero work required from our brokers.

Broker Access to Haute Living Events

Our brokers can connect with influential individuals—including celebrities, professional athletes, CEOs, and industry leaders—at Haute Living VIP events, allowing them to expand their professional network.

Client Invitations to Haute Living Events

As a bonus, our brokers can extend invitations to clients flying into cities where Haute Living events occur. From Art Basel to F1 Events and the NFL Super Bowl, Haute Jets makes special occasions unforgettable.

Join the Premiere Private Jet Charter Company

Our Luxury Suite of Private Flyer Benefits

Our luxury suite of benefits is an enticing package for discerning private flyers, helping our brokers engage more leads and close more deals.

Our Suite of Benefits Includes

  • Coordinated ground transportation
  • Gourmet in-flight catering services
  • Top-tier pilots in the industry
  • Premium, rigorous safety standards
  • Exclusive invitations for clients to Haute Living events in their area of travel
  • Extensive fleet of aircraft for every preference and distance

In addition, we strive to offer personalized, anticipatory service to our clients to guarantee an exceptional experience. Whether they request a specific wine to be on board for their flight or their favorite bagel from a bodega in New York, we aim to meet every request.

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About Haute Jets

Founded by Haute Living, the luxury lifestyle magazine and media company, Haute Jets aims to provide high-end travelers with a premium experience in the sky, offering bespoke itineraries, personalized service, and state-of-the-art aircraft. Building on Haute Living’s 18 years of excellence, Haute Jets promises to deliver the same exceptional attention to detail and luxury quality that the brand has become synonymous with, now elevated to new heights of luxurious private travel. We also offer a range of services, including in-flight catering, ground transportation, and hotel accommodations, so you can have the perfect travel experience whenever you travel with Haute Jets.